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How to spot fake Louis Vuitton

How to spot fake LOUIS VUITTON - a beginner's guide
First, some important things to know about LV.LOUIS VUITTON NEVER...
* goes on sale. Ever. For any reason.

* allows anyone else to sell their product. You can ONLY buy it at an LV boutique (some boutiques are in other department stores such as SAKS but it is still an LV store.) Only sells online.

* has 'seconds' or any merchandise that would be less than perfect or sold at a discount. LV is handmade and if there is a problem it is destroyed.

These are some really easy ways to spot fake Louis Vuitton1) FAKE CARDS -- For some reason lots of fakes come with 'authenticity cards' - which is odd since LV doesn't come with them.

Here are some of the easiest cards to spot - the dreaded yellow card and green envelope.

2) Fabric swatches and attached tags. LV comes with neither of these.

3) POOR QUALITY. Louis Vuitton is worth a lot of money and it is very well made. So a great way to tell a fake is by looking at the quality. Look for things like sloppy stitching, drippy glazing (the red stuff around the leather) and bad alignment - the LV's and fleurs should line up and the LV's are very rarely cut off.

4) THE WRONG HEATSTAMP. This is the part on the bag where it says LOUIS VUITTON paris made in France (or Spain, or USA or others).The easiest way to tell a fake heatstamp is to look at the O's. They should be perfectly round. Fakes will have tall O's.
Real heatstamps never have the LV logo on them:


* If LV has plastic on the handles it's fake. Not true - LV bags come with plastic which is supposed to be removed by the time it hits the floor - but some SA's leave it on when they give the client the bag straight from the back.

* The LV's should be upside down on one side of the bag or it's fake. - There are many variaions to this. Some bags are made with a single piece of canvas - so when it comes up the other side it will be upside down. However, some bags are made from more than one piece so they will not have the upside down logos. The speedy often will have a single piece of canvas - but during the time that the French Compant made bags (70's & 80's) they used 2 pieces - so both sides will be right side up.

* Authentic bags will have numbers inside, or the right kind of stamping or quality materials etc. but the fakes will not. --- Counterfeit bags are a million dollar industry -and they are made VERY well. Not all fakes are poor quality - and most are meant to look real. You can NEVER be 100% you are buying a real bag unless you get it from the boutique yourself. But there are ways to weed out the fakes so you can lessen your chances of getting a fake.

* If the LV's on the canvas are cut off it's a fake. -- While many bad fakes cut off the LV's there are some REAL styles that have the LV's cut off as well - so this is not always a tell tale sign. Sometimes they had to be cut off on one side to maintain the aethsetic of the main side.
* If it comes with a receipt it's probably authentic -- receipts are the EASIEST things to fake - all you need is a photocopier or a computer.

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