Sunday, 5 August 2012

What to do if you bought a fake.

So you think you bought a fake?  Here's what to do:

- I should mention that this will only work if you paid with Paypal or credit card -- if you paid by Western Union or a money transfer you are probably out of luck.

1) First thing you want to do is contact your seller and ask them if they will refund you.  Sometimes they will comply to avoid the hassle or because they didn't realize they made a mistake.

2) An honest seller will refund you for the item plus shipping both ways but they might make you pay for return shipping if they are less than honest.  In either case, if the seller will accept a return make sure you return the item with signature confirmation - that way they can't say they never received your item.

3) If the seller will not accept a return you need to file a complaint with paypal and/or ebay if that's where you bought the item.  This will freeze up the seller's account.

4) 'Escalate the claim' once you are ready to make your case.  Then follow Paypal's advice. IF they need a letter of authenticity you need to contact a third party authentication company*.

* has a staff of experts in various brands that will write these letters for you.  They are trusted by paypal. 

5) If you paid by credit card yo can also contact them - some companies can do chargebacks.

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