Thursday, 26 July 2012

How To Spot Fake Lululemon

I will have some pics up soon comparing fake to real ones but for now here are some helpful tips:

"I can tell if it's real by the quality."  - the days of fakes only being poor quality are over.  Many of the fakes coming out of China are high quality and very similar to the real ones - here's why:
China does not have laws protecting 'intellectual property' so anyone can make anything over there.

Often a factory will be open by a company during the day - but at night that company is not there -- so someone else will come in and use the exact same machines to do the exact same work (this is the case with some Apple factories)
Or the exact same workers who are making Lululemon will go to their second job - making FAKE lululemon - and take all their knowledge with them to make the products available.

Specific to LULULEMON

- Check the rip out tag.  The name of the country where is is made should be capitalized. For example - if it was made in China the tag should say Made in China,  If it says made in china (without capitals) it is fake.  (This goes for Made is Vietnam, etc.)  It's the capitalization you need to look at.
(Lululemon is made in China, USA, Israel, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Peru. Peru)

- Check the spelling of the rip out tag.  Many times they will spell words wrong.

- Check the zipper.  If the item is new (last few years) it will have a lululemon symbol or YKK.

- Check the size sticker.  This should be stuck like crazy -- if it is easy to peel off it's fake.

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To see some pics of fakes click HERE


  1. Last week I bought Lululemon pants for yoga, from some online store. I loved them. They are very fashionable, trendy and comfortable to wear. My friend advised me to try these pants, as she is using these pants from a year or so!! Really Thanks to her.

  2. I've bought items from the Lulu store in CA. The tags shows made in Cambodia and Bangladesh. So it's not only the countries you listed