Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sellers of fakes, Coco's Closet & Hooked Clothing

A common way to get fake Lululemon out there is through facebook groups and home parties.

The following groups have been identified as selling fakes (please see below for details).
(I have contacted Lululemon regarding both companies and I have been assured by Lululemon that these groups are not selling new authentic items)

"Coco's Closet"
"Hooked Clothing"

'Coco's Closet'
- This page, run by Colinda Lammers is a tricky one because they combined authentic used items with brand new fake items.
This way she has many buyers who have purchased authentic items and will stand by her.

- I have not seen fakes on her site since September but she still will not admit to any wrong doing and there are people out there who she has stolen money from -- until all these people get their money back (and until she contacts those who bought fakes and makes retribution to them) I will continue to warn people about her.

- She has changed her site now to 'I LOVE LULU' and has changed her name to SASHA THREADS.   

- What happened this summer was she sold 'new' items that are from Chinese wholesale companies.  She maintains that these are authentic and can not be trusted.

- I have heard from many, may people who have been scammed by her and are having to fight paypal to get their money back.  She admitted on her page to selling fakes - saying that she didn't know they were fakes - all the while refusing to refund those she scammed. 

 'Hooked Clothing'

The owner, Kayla states that she does not buy directly from lulu but "from a yoga store that is going out of business in BC "

Lululemon does not allow anyone to sell their items - all overstock

goes to their warehouse or to their website.

When Kayla was confronted about selling fakes on her facebook       

group 'hooked clothing' (which is no longer up and has been

replaced instead with a facebook shopping retail page) she said

that "There are no FAKE goods listed on our business page, as to

 the old group page that's was up to the old owner to delete off there


Here is what I found in looking at Hooked's old page and new page 

that contradicts what she has said.

Sept 1 2010 – Kayla starts the Hooked Clothing group (which she later claims to have been started by someone else)

Aug – claims to be ‘in discussion’ with Lululemon

Aug 2011 – “Select Lulu style available to order!”

Sept 15 / 2011 – claims to be working WITH lululemon:
Someone asks: about getting a certain lulu jacket
Kayla’s response: sorry we just started our account with them and can only get select items from them till we build our account up

(wait,I thought she said she didn't deal directly with lululemon but bought from stores going out of business....)

May 1  2012– “WE have a limited supply of LULU styles available order going in this Saturday please contact us or comment under the photo with your size. Payment must be received by Saturday for your order to be placed :P there only 50 units of each style” 

(How is an order 'placed' if they are getting close out stuff? Also, 50 of each unit? That must have been a HUGE store that closed down)

May 16 – “Red Deer Rep. is placing another Lululemon order this Saturday album will go up soon.”
(another order?  Did another lululemon store close down?)

July 15 – Another order.
(wow – lululemon stores must be dropping like flies to be able to get all this stuff!)

When asked to give the name of the yoga shop that closed down so this could be verified with lululemon she refused.  This could easily clear things up if she is telling the truth as lululemon would let us know if that was a strategic partner at one time and what happened to their merchandise when they closed.

If you look at the pictures she has – check out the ones that are not taken from the lulu website (the ones that are not on models)  These are the same styles that are available from Chinese knockoffs on

Hooked Clothing:

Chinese resellers:

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  1. Okay for 1 this is cyber bullying and 2 this is slander and both being punishable by law. I have been a customer for years of Colinda Lammers cocos closet and not once have I seen or heard of her selling fake Lulu. This blog was written by some butt hurt bratty customer who didn't get her way during a sale. Before you listen to a pathetic cyber bullyingblog like this think of what kind of person is writting it. Only terrible people go to lengths like this to hurt others. Liars, bullies, immature brats, losers. I could go on but I wouldn't want to stoop to the same level. Cocos closet has been good to me for years along with thousands of other happy customers and that is the main point.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I think you mean 'libel'. However, in order for someone to claim libel the information has to be false and this info is in fact true. I have proof and would never accuse someone of something unless there was solid proof. I'm glad you had good transactions with her, unfortunately many other were not so lucky. Just to clarify I was never a client, but someone who tried to help people get their money back after being scammed. Only those who paid as goods through paypal were able to though because she was forced to pay them back, others were out of luck.
    I am sure she would love you to bring up the libel idea so the proof I have can be brought out again though.