Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lululemon Fakes - the basics

Like every great brand, Lululemon is now the target of scammers.
Items are coming out of China where they are made to look a lot like the real thing.

Here are some things you need to know to keep yourself safe.

- Lululemon does not allow anyone else to sell their products.  Only Lululemon Stores, Lululemon Outlets, and Lululemon Strategic partners are authorized to sell.  This can be easily verified by googling the store's name - if it's on lululemon's website it's legit.

- Lululemon does not sell their items to wholesalers and they do not have 'seconds' or close outs.  Anything that is left over goes to the outlet or the website where it is listed on 'We Made Too Much.'

- You can not buy lululemon wholesale.

- If you see someone who has many of the same item be cautious.  They might have bought up a bunch of stuff at an outlet or online --- but, if they are offering many NEW items at less than retail then stay away.

- One popular way to sell fake lululemon is at house parties.  Like Tupperware or candle parties these parties well a variety of items but they are usually fake purses and accessories and now fake lululemon.

- If you are going to buy Lululemon online (from ebay, kijiji or a facebook group) make sure you see a picture of the actual item for sale (not a picture taken from the lulu website).  Ask for pics of all tags and logos -- even if the tag is no longer there the lululemon symbol should be somewhere on the item.

- Also ask the seller where they got their items - if they will 'not reveal their sources' run the other way.

- ALWAYS pay with paypal and make sure you pay as 'goods' rather than a gift.  If you are scammed paypal will help you get your money back.  Some credit card companies will also protect you so to be double safe you can pay with credit card through paypal.

To see pics of fakes click here

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