Monday, 6 August 2012

Pictures of FAKE Lululemon

*On the left is a fake tag, on the right a real one.
*Fake tag printing is off centre, and the font is wrong.You can
  notice this is the 6 at the top and some of the letters like 'a'.
*You'll also notice the 'C' in China - it is a capital on the real one and
  lower case on the fake.

*Read the fake tag on the left; it is "Designde" in Vancouver.

* Fake embroidered logo on the left.  Poorly made, thin circle
   around the outside, puckering, and overall the wrong shape.

* Fake zipper pull with paint chipping off.

* Fake size and 'I belong to' stickers. The actual stickers should be attached securely to the inside if the pocket.  They should not have this weird see through stuff over them.


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  2. I just bought two pieces on Ebay and now I am freaking out that they might be fake. Great.

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  5. How to tell if the lululemon festival bag is real or fake?