Sunday, 25 November 2012

I need to address a few things:

1) Not all fakes are easy to spot - making fakes is a BILLION dollar industry, some do a sloppy job but some do an amazing job.

2) When determining if you have a fake you need to look at the easy to spot indicators I have listed here.  If none of these apply to your item that DOES NOT mean that it's real - and not all fakes have the same indicators.  

3) Some people will look at the pictures here - see that their Lululemon item  for example doesn't have small c in China and think 'Well then it's OK.'   Likewise someone will look and say 'Mine doesn't have a size dot in the pocket - must be fake.' Again, not always true.  You have to look at each on a case by case basis.

4) These are just some tips but no the be all and end all of fake spotting ;) 

If you are just starting to learn about fakes please take the time to read ALL the postings here to learn more =)  

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